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Sweet Child O’ Mine is a Florida Licensed Birth Center (BC350) located in Brandon, Florida, serving the Tampa Bay area. At Sweet Child O’ Mine, you will receive complete care from Midwives that is sensitive, caring and holistic. You can Birth Your Way in the relaxing and calm setting of one of our private birthing suites.  

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About Sweet Child O’ Mine

Sweet Child O’ Mine is a Florida Licensed Birth Center (License Number 350) located in Brandon, Florida, serving the Tampa bay area. At Sweet Child O’ Mine, you will receive complete maternity care from Licensed Midwives that is sensitive, caring and holistic. Our facility offers private birth suites each with their own mini kitchen and birth tub. Our goal is to exceed professional standards of maternity care, while also meeting the desires of the birthing mom to create a satisfying experience for the whole family. At Sweet Child O’ Mine, you can BIRTH YOUR WAY with complete freedom to move around, eat and drink in labor, no routine IVs, waterbirth, delayed cord clamping, and uninterrupted bonding with baby. We welcome you to take a tour of our facility. Call for a free tour or for more information, click here.

Our services include prenatal visits, labs and ultrasounds, childbirth classes, vitamins and supplements, natural birth, waterbirth, nitrous oxide, postpartum care, and breastfeeding support. 


Because of the quality time and attention you will receive from your midwives, your care will be personalized to you and your wishes. We believe that childbirth is a normal and natural event, and that the Midwife’s role is to facilitate the natural birthing process. Please browse our website for more information about our team and services. Call us today for a free tour. We look forward to meeting and serving you.



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These ladies are definitely passionate about what they do and it shows. I always wanted to use a midwife and have a natural birth and I am so glad that they are here in Brandon. They provided great prenatal care and all were genuinely concerned for my health and well being. Despite being almost 42 weeks and the hospital wanting to induce me, they stuck with me and gave me the encouragement and perseverance that I needed and we ended up having our son exactly the way I wanted to without any interventions and I am truly grateful for that. Please consider them if you are looking for a natural birth experience.



This experience of my 2nd pregnancy was such a breeze compared to my 1st pregnancy dealing with an awful obgyn who didn’t care about my concerns. The midwives here not only care, but are knowledgeable and will share that knowledge with you as much as you want. They have a lending library and their classes are packed full of information & scenarios to think about. Their suites are spacious with private bathrooms with tons of hand rails I personally used to grab onto while having contractions. Highly recommend.



I absolutely love this birthing center. Very welcoming and respectful of your lifestyle and decisions with the way you want to approach your pregnancy and birth. I feel like everyone really puts their maximum effort to do their designated role and their communication with their patients is right on! I came to them later on in my pregnancy because my family and I were moving a lot the first 5 months, but they accepted me with arms wide open. (Obviously because I’m not a high risk pregnancy and had prenatal care elsewhere beforehand.) Rhis place is so serene, clean and beautiful that we chose to have the birth in the center even though our first born was delivered at our home 3 years ago. All the midwives and nurses are sweethearts!



Words could never express how grateful I am for all of the women here. My first child was born in a hospital setting and it was an awful experience up until my son was finally born. This time around, I wanted things to be drastically different, and I definitely got what I wanted. The location is awesome, close to all kind of things, warm and homey, and just the right size. I loved every aspect of my birth. From being able to self pace, control where I was at and could move around, use the birth ball for pain management and meditation. No matter how “out there” my ways are compared to what most envision with a birth, they were totally supportive. I could play my own music, have essential oils, be in the tub or on a bed. I was so comfortable and at ease. I could not have asked for a more uplifting and empowering birth. Thank you all so much for making my pregnancy and birth such a special time!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a licensed Midwife?

A Florida Licensed Midwife is a graduate of a three-year academic Midwifery program. The Licensed Midwife also has eight semesters of clinical internship and must attend 75 deliveries, with 50 labor and delivery managements. The Licensed Midwife must pass the state board exam which is the North American Registry of Midwives national certification examination. Licensed Midwives in Florida are autonomous maternity care providers for low-risk, healthy women. Midwives also work collaboratively with physicians and offer childbirth services in the patient’s homes, birth centers, clinics and hospitals…

How do I begin care with Sweet Child O’ Mine?

After you have had a chance to look over our website, please contact us. We will discuss with you your eligibility and answer any preliminary questions you may have. Then we will schedule a free initial consultation for you to have a tour of the birth center and to review in detail the options for your care. If you are low risk and eligible for care, you may schedule your first visit with us. If you are transferring from another provider, we can request your records for you…

Am I eligable for Midwife care?

Most healthy woman experiencing a healthy pregnancy and expecting a normal delivery are eligible for Midwife care. When you first call or visit us, we will ask you some questions about your health and your medical history to see if you are eligible for care. At your consultation, the midwife will review with you your health history to see if you are eligible for care…

What about Payment? 

Midwife care offers a significant savings to you. The fees for Midwife care and Midwife are less than half the cost of low risk obstetrical care and hospital birth. Your maternity care at Sweet Child O’ Mine includes all prenatal exams, childbirth classes, labor and delivery, initial postpartum care, the services of the birth assistant, complete newborn exam, two day postpartum visit, a two week postpartum visit, a six week postpartum exam, and filing of the birth certificate. Please call us for information regarding the fee for our services…

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