Sweet Child O’ Mine Birth Center Statistics for 2016-2017

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Each year in July, we report to the Agency for Healthcare Administration and the Florida Department of Health. We take this annual opportunity to review our data and publish our statistics for the previous year. 

I am very proud of our team at Sweet Child O’ Mine. The staff here are the most devoted group of midwives, nurses, midwife assistants, childbirth educator and office staff. Each one is passionate about our work and devoted to take such good care of our families, providing excellent service and care.  Kudos to our team at Sweet Child O’ Mine for another excellent year!

The national average for birth center transfers in labor is 12%, so anything less than 12% I consider exceptional. 

Sweet Child O’ Mine Statistics for 2016-2017

Reporting Period: July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017

125   Babies Delivered – 107 Birth Center, 18 Home Birth

8% Transfer Rate in Labor (11 out of 136: 5 for failure to progress, 1 for maternal exhaustion, 3 for fetal distress, 1 for thick meconium stained fluid, 1 for hypertension)

0 Postpartum Transfers

2 Newborn Transfers (1 for respiratory distress, 1 for questionable umbilicus)

5.1% cesarean rate of those who began labor with us (7 out of 136)

56.8% Waterbirths (71 of 125)

37.6% Laceration rate (47 of 125). 1 Episiotomy

24 Antepartum Transfers for medical reasons out of 196 patients accepted into care (Breech-4, Preeclampsia/HELLP-2, Preterm Labor-2, Gestational Hypertension-2,  Anemia-1, Oligohydramnios/low fluid-2, Twins-1, Postdates >42 weeks-2, Premature Rupture of Membranes without Contractions-3, MRSA-1, Incarcerated Uterus-1, Fetal Demise at 25 Weeks Unknown Cause-1, Cardiac Issue-1, Metabolic Disorder-1)

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