128 Babies Born at Sweet Child O’ Mine in 2017

Jan 8, 2018 | Birth Center

Sweet Child O’ Mine Statistics for 2017

128   Babies Delivered – 107 Birth Center, 21 Home Birth

5.2% Transfer Rate in Labor (7 out of 135: 4 for waters released without sufficient contractions and progress, 1 for maternal exhaustion/failure to progress, 1 for high blood pressure, 1 for meconium stained fluid

2 Postpartum Transfers (1 for retained placenta, 1 for suturing)

3 Newborn Transfers (2 for respiratory distress, 1 for questionable umbilicus)

3% cesarean rate of those who began labor with us (4 out of 135)

20 Antepartum Transfers for medical reasons (Breech-3, Preeclampsia/HELLP-3, Preterm Labor-1, Gestational Hypertension-1,  Anemia-1, Oligohydramnios/low fluid-1, Twins-1, Postdates >42 weeks-2, Premature Rupture of Membranes without Contractions-4, Miscarriage-1, IUGR-1, Placenta Previa-1)

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