Caitlyn’s Story – Baby Quinten born May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019 | Birth Stories

I gave birth at SCOM about 8 months ago to my beautiful son Quinten. I have absolutely nothing to gain or lose by writing this so this is truly my genuine feelings based on my experience. Let me first start by saying from the moment I walked in to my very first tour at SCOM I instantly knew I was making the right choice for me and my baby. The environment was so calm and
welcoming and I typically get stressed in doctors offices and this was not like that at all. I felt at home and safe and loved the idea of having my baby in such an environment! That feeling carried over to every single midwife appointment. The front desk was so friendly and understanding and excellent communicators when things needed to be scheduled, faxed,
printed, everything was handled so professionally and made everything that much more stress free. Then to top it off my appointments were so personal and I didn’t feel rushed to get the next patient in like I typically did with my old OBGYN. I was able to take my time and have every question fully answered and it honestly just felt like chatting with friends. I was considered high risk due to my blood pressure and my midwives continuously checked in to make sure the baby
and I were safe and receiving the best care possible which I absolutely loved. I’ve never felt more safe and cared for by a physician in my entire life and this was my third pregnancy!
Then the big day came and it was truly like a dream. I came in on a Sunday morning from my waters breaking, and had some green staining so I was brought in to check and make sure everything was going well. All was good but I wasn’t having strong or consistent contractions yet so I was sent on my way to wait it out. A few hours went by and I started to feel like we were getting close to go time and I came back in to get checked out. Khamissa was the midwife on call and I swear to you the Lord placed her on that shift that day
because I COULD NOT have done it without her. I know the other midwives would have done an amazing job as well, but we clicked from the minute I met her and I was so so glad to have her there. She was an absolute ANGEL. She even stayed past her scheduled shift to be there for me which I will forever be grateful to her for that. It truly brings me to tears that she woke up in the middle of the night and put herself at an inconvenience when she absolutely didn’t have to, simply to make sure I was cared for and comfortable. I will never ever forget her kindness and how she helped make my son’s first day of life as perfect as it was. So I went in and contractions begin to pick up. Khamissa had me walk around, squat, bounce on the ball and labor my own way to get things progressing. It was a blessing to come in on a weekend because the entire office was empty and I had space to do my own thing which was very nice. Eventually they became very strong and Khamissa was able to tell it was time to check. At this point the contractions became extremely intense (I believe this was just before the transition period) and I was officially admitted to stay. I wanted some sort of relief so I opted for a shower. When I knew that wasn’t going to do the trick I asked to fill up the tub. Things became very intense at this point. Khamissa never ever left my side. I had my husband and my sister there as support and I was glad to have them there but honestly Khamissa knew what I needed
before I needed it. My sister and husband were really just moral support and I was more relying on Khamissa for emotional support and she instinctively took on the role of a doula for me and I didn’t even ask her to. She was so extremely mothering in a way and made me feel so calm in a
time that otherwise is so chaotic. I was in such intense pain and to have her there with me, never leaving my side, was the only thing getting me through it. She truly has a calling for this job. So we begin filling the tub up and I’m able to climb in and feel an overwhelming sense of relief. I
opted for the garden suite and had the huge deep tub and it was honestly like swimming in warm water and I was able to breathe and have a moment of just calm and relaxation. Then about 3 contractions later I felt my body start to push! I thought no way, not already! My contractions began around 6:30 am and it was only about 11 am at this point and I felt like he was coming! Well sure enough I told Khamissa “I think I need to push!” And she reached down, two pushes later she caught my healthy baby and he was in my arms! It was a dream. I couldn’t have imagined things going any more perfectly. I brought my healthy beautiful baby boy home that day and he’s now a healthy 8 month old! I could never express how thankful I am to Khamissa and the team at SCOM for every step of my pregnancy to the birth of my child. Thank you all so much. I will for sure come back if I ever have
more babies. I will never go anywhere else!!

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