Midwives & Doulas Can Better Birth in America

Feb 21, 2020 | Birth Center

Midwives and Doulas can make birth safer and more satisfying.  “More than half of babies born in the U.K. are delivered by midwives, while in the U.S., only around 10 percent of deliveries have a midwife present. The use of doulas is even lower. But as the only developing country where the maternal mortality rate is rising, more people are hoping to improve their outcomes. And they may have a good reason to integrate midwives and doulas into the process. One study found that states which make it easier for midwives to care for babies and mothers have fewer preterm and underweight births and require fewer cesarean section deliveries. Studies on mothers who were matched with a doula had similar improved outcomes. And for women of color, who have the highest maternal mortality rate, midwives and doulas are offering new hope.”   

Listen to this NPR special to learn more about the role of Midwives & Doulas and how they can improve outcomes.

Giving Birth To A New Age Of Midwives And Doulas

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