Jazmin’s Story- Josiah Timothy born 8/8/2020 – 8 lb 2 oz

Aug 8, 2020 | Birth Stories

I knew I always wanted to have a natural water birth. When I had my first daughter, I was only 17 years old and my mom refused to let me have a natural water birth, I did have a midwife, however; but had to go to hospital for labor. When I got to the hospital, I had to use the on call doctor who scared me into getting an epidural (which I still regret to this day). When I had my second daughter, I had her naturally at the hospital, because I was already 10cm and had no other choice. Labor time was only a total of 3 hours!

Seven years later, I was pregnant with my first son. My husband and I knew we just wanted to do things right and go through with a birthing plan to have a natural, water birth. My mother in law had a few co-workers that had used Sweet Child O’ Mine and recommended them to me. I had a tour that provided great information and instantly fell in love with the facility. My prenatal visits were always great; the midwives and staff are truly passionate about their jobs and make you feel so comfortable. A few days before 8/8/2020, I started getting bloody show and some inconsistent contractions. I had my 39 week check up on Friday and explained everything going on, Kim checked me and I was 4cm dilated. We planned to deliver my son the next morning if he didn’t come that night. Well, my son was not waiting and contractions started normalizing later that night. I called Kim and we grabbed our things and went to the office. By then, the contractions were so intense, he was coming! Kim barely had time to fill the tub, because he was ready to come out! She was so calm and helped keep me calm through the pushing and boom he came out! My husband was able to catch our baby with Kim’s assistance. My labor time was a total of two hours!! I was able to bond with my baby for a few minutes before my husband cut the umbilical cord. My husband and I had an hour to rest and bond before taking all measurements and it was much needed. After baby’s measurements, I was able to eat a meal, shower, and use the restroom. They ensured all vitals for my son and me were great before letting us go home a couple of hours after birth. It felt so good to rest at home versus in a hospital for 2 days. I’m so thankful that Kim and Maureen were so quick and efficient throughout the process and made us feel completely safe and comfortable. Their assistant Nicolle was there towards the end (as she didn’t have much time to get there earlier since he came so fast lol). Nicolle helped out with vitals and took care of me as well. She has an amazing spirit, and I was glad she was there for the big day! They truly care about the wellbeing of mom and baby. I don’t plan to have any more kids, but if I did I would definitely come back to Sweet Child O’ Mine as well as recommend any family or friends to them.

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