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It’s so important to know about the wide range of birth-related professionals that can support us along our journeys. One thing that Sweet Child O’ Mine takes great pride in is bringing as many of these professionals together under one roof as possible. We want you to be able to have access to all of the supports you need and want in your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journeys. A Lactation Consultant can be a great asset to your breastfeeding success.

Keep reading to learn more about lactation support! And check out our blog about pelvic floor therapy here.

What is a Lactation Consultant? 

A lactation consultant (LC) is a professional that can support you in your feeding journey. LCs can offer support and education for persons feeding singletons or multiples, as well as those who are breastfeeding, pumping, and/or using formula. If it is your preference or goal to initiate body feeding, we always suggest connecting with a Lactation Consultant– before birth if you can, as well as in immediate postpartum.

There are several different types of training that LC’s can complete to call themselves lactation consultants, and while all of these professionals can be helpful in offering support along a feeding journey, we want to point out that International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) undergo the most comprehensive, clinical training and may be the best fit for some feeding challenges. You can read more after the different types and their training here.

Who needs lactation support?

We encourage all families to seek support around feeding. The level of care and support your family needs will vary; however, the feeding journey is complex and lactation support can help you feel less alone and more empowered.

Lactation support could start with a general breastfeeding class in the third trimester (yes, we recommend this!). It can also be helpful to meet with a LC prenatally to discuss your goals and to anticipate and problem-solve some possible obstacles in your feeding journey. This also allows you to build trust with someone that you might potentially need or want to call on once baby has arrived. The postpartum period can be so tender, and having an established relationship can offer some much needed safety. 

Sweet Child O’ Mine also offers a breastfeeding support group twice a month. On the first and third Tuesday mornings of every month from 10 am to noon, we encourage mothers to join us for support on their breastfeeding journey. The group meets at the birth center education room at 215 Lithia Pinecrest Road, Brandon, Florida. More information here.

Reasons to work with a lactation consultant:

    • Concerns about milk supply
    • Baby is not meeting weight milestones
    • Difficulty finding positions that work for parents and baby, especially after a cesarean birth or if there are physical disabilities
    • Emotional exhaustion, including PPMD
    • Pain while breastfeeding or sores/hot spots on nipples
    • Baby sleeping at the breast or refusing feeds
    • Long feeding sessions that feel unsustainable
    • You simply want more information and support!

Additional Resources:

There is a range of supports available. Below you will find a range of free and paid services for you to explore along your journey.

  • WIC Breastfeeding Support– Online resources, peer support counselors, buddy program, and more.
  • La Leche League– find online resources and search for local support groups
  • Apps– Some families enjoy using apps to track feeding, some can be shared between partners so everyone can be on the same page 
  • Virtual LC support– Virtual consults can be arranged with LCs who are local or long distance.
  • In-person/local LCs. Find an IBCLC in your area here.

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