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Sweet Child O’ Mine recommends & carries these competively priced supplements for your convenience. Inquire at the front desk if interested. Prices are subject to change.

Product Name Ingredients Common Use Our Price
Mama Bear Prenatal Vitamin, 120 ct Prenatal w/ folate, 1 month supply Natural prenatal vitamin, recommended 4 per day $38.00
Nordic Naturals--Prenatal DHA Omega, 90 ct DHA, omega 3, vit D3 Baby's brain development, prevention of PPD, nervous system $25.00
Now Vitamin D3 5,000 IU 120 softgels high potency Vit D Vitamin D3 deficiency $10.00
Nature's Sunshine--B Complex, 100 cap B Vitamins Energy, stress, depression, anxiety $22.00
Nature's Sunshine--Red Raspberry Leaf, 100 red raspberry leaf stregthen and nourish the uterus $20.00
Floradix Iron + Herbs, 17 oz iron, C, B, herbal extracts, fruit extracts anemia, iron building, energy $35.00
Nature's Sunshine herbal Iron--I-X, 100 caps beet, yellow dock, red rasp leaf, chickweed burdock, nettle, mullein. herbal iron, anemia, energy, capsule form $18.00
Nature's Sunshine--Liquid Chlorophyll, 16 oz chlorophyll from alfalfa anemia, nutrient rich, build blood, mildly detoxify, body odor, mint flavor $20.00
Garden of Life--Raw Food Green Superfood, 240 cap conc combo of juiced greens, sprouts, veg For those who don't like veggies or can't get enough in diet $35.00
Nature's Sunshine--Alfalfa, 100 caps alfalfa high nutrients, trace minerals, structural aches & pains $18.00
NOW Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder, 8 oz Magnesium Pwd, most absorbable contractions, BP, constipation, headaches, easy on bowels $15.00
Nature's Sunshine--Calcium Magnesium, 150 ct Calcium Magnesium build bones and teeth, relax smooth muscles, leg cramps $20.00
Nature's Sunshine--Magnesium Complex, cap Magnesium relax, constipation, contractions, high blood pressure $16.00
Nature's Sunshine--5-W, 100 caps Black cohosh, squawvine, dong quai, RRL Tone uterus in preparation for childbirth, the last 5 weeks of pregnancy $30.00
NOW--Evening Primrose Oil 500mg, 100 softgels Evening Primrose Oil Prostaglandin production to ripen cervix in preparation for birth $10.00
Nature's Sunshine Chinese Stress Relief, 100 blend of Chinese herbs high in calcium, stress, blood pressure reduction, anxiety $30.00
NOW 5-HTP 100 mg, 60 veg caps 5-hydroxytryptophan immediate precursor to seratonin, sleep, mood, depression $16.00
St John's Wort, 100 veg caps St. John's Wort herbal, 300 mg mood, depression, PPD, anxiety $12.00
Nature's Sunshine--Herbal Sleep, 100 cap hops, valerian, passion flower relaxation, anxiety, natural sleep aid, reduce blood pressure $20.00
NOW--Plant Enzymes protease, amalyse, cellulase, lactase, papain Gentle digestive enzymes $14.00
Nature's Sunshine--Food Enzymes, 120 Hcl, bile salt, bromelain, lipase, pancreatin Helps digestion of food, stronger product for heavy protein/fats $25.00
Papaya Mint Chewables--Nature's Sunshine nice tasting chewable: papain, bromelain heartburn, morning sickness,chewable papaya enzymes $16.00
Papaya Enzymes – Now 180 chewable tabs papaya (papain enz) heartburn, morning sickness,chewable papaya enzymes $10.00
NOW--8 Billion Acidophilus & Bifidus, 60 cap acidophilus/bifidus cultures, keep refrigerated probiotics, digestive health, recovery after antibiotics $12.00
Nature's Sunshine--Citrus Bioflavonoids, 90 C, bioflavonoids, hesperidin, rutin, rosehips form of vitamin C from citrus, immune system, strong amniotic sac $22.00
NOW Citrus Bioflavonoids Vit C, bioflavonoids form of Vit C from citrus, immune system, strong amniotic sac $12.00
Nature's Sunshine L-Lysine, 100 caps L-Lysine, 474 mg ea anti-viral preventatiion for herpes, cold sores; alkaline balance $15.00
NOW--Garlic Oil, 1500 mg, 250 softgels garlic oil immune system, fight infections, expectorant $12.00
NOW Elderberry Liquid Concentrate, 8 oz elderberry syrup colds, immune, coughs, flu $16.00
Nature's Sunshine--Hawthorn Berries, 100 cap hawthorn berries blood pressure regulation $16.00
Nature's Sunshine--Butcher's Broom, 100 cap butcher's broom varicose veins, circulation $20.00
NOW--Cranberry Caps, 100 veg cap cranberry UTI prevention and treatment $12.00
Nature's Sunshine Dandelion, 100 cap dandelion root diuretic, liver function, swelling $17.00
Cornsilk, 100 cap Cornsilk natural diuretic, edema $20.00
Nature's Sunshine--Blessed Thistle, 100 caps blessed thistle breastmilk production, supply issues $22.00
Nature's Sunshine--Marshmallow Fenugreek, 100 marshmallow root, fenugreek breastmilk production, supply issues $22.00

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